My name is Ulf Bernström, I come from a small village in the south of Lapland, Sweden called Storuman. I live on Mallorca since 2002.

Here i have my husband Andreu and our 3 dogs, Wifi, Mac & Vita.

We live in the Tramuntana mountains, declared a Unesco World heritage site for its historical, cultural an environmental importance. I have a fantastic view and see the mediterranean sea from my kitchen window.

For sure I have been influenced by my grandparents farm with a lot of animals as a kid. However, I never would have thought that it one day would lead to the opening of a Design Dog Shop in Palma de Mallorca, but here I am.

Design, Quality and health for your dog
Since 2015


I always keep human rights, animal rights and nature in mind when selecting products for PalmaDog. I am more interested in the production country then where it is designed. It is not always easy to find products for PalmaDog baring this in mind. I want You to do the same as i believe we can make a difference. -Question where it is made! Are there human rights in that country? Are there animal rights? Do they care about the nature? I want to offer you a place where you can safely buy without hesitation. I will continue my strive finding fabulous products for you made with care but in the latest design.

And when it comes to food and snacks we try to go Eco / Organic of course. All what i sell have been controlled buy a Dog Nutritionist.

Welcome in!