• PalmaDog in Beige - Green

This basket is our own product.

The basket is made on mallorca and the rest we do here in our studio in the Palma Dog store.

This would fit a dog up to aprox 7 kilo. My Jack russel is 7 kg he fits in it but it is tight. I would take a size bigger for him but if there is a space issue he will be happy in this aswell.

Please allow differences as each basket is made by hand and are unique. The bottom cushion is aprox 40 x 25 cm. There is a pocket for mobilephone and keys and in that pocket there is a small pocket for sanitary bags.

There is a safetystrap, so if you are involved in a discussion on a terrace with a glass of vine your dog will atleast bring the bag and that you will notice.

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PalmaDog in Beige - Green


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