What should I do to give the item back?

The easiest way to return an item is in our PALMADOG store. The product (s) must be in perfect condition and with its corresponding ticket. If you can't go to the store, you can request a home pickup. After verifying all the data, we will send a carrier to collect your package in the next 24-48 hours (working days). Please, identify yourself and follow the indicated steps. If you are not registered, click on the link in the purchase confirmation email. The return of a Gift Card is made via PALMADOG without sending it. To request a refund, you must first have received the merchandise.

How to return with a Gift Ticket?

The return with a Gift Ticket can be made both in store and from the web. For more information, get in touch.

What is the deadline to make a return?

The deadline for any return is 1 month from the shipping confirmation email. In this way, you have an added time to the right that the law gives you to return an item within 14 days from the date of receipt of the order.

Do I have to pay something for my return?

Returns at PALMADOG are always free.

How will I receive my refund?

Once the return is approved, you will receive the amount in the same way in which you made your purchase.

When will I receive my refund?

After approving the return (the items must be in perfect condition and have the interior labels) you will receive a confirmation email indicating that the amount will be credited to your account in a few days.
Remember that credit card payment always depends on your bank.

How should I do if the amount of my return is incorrect?

By contacting us through the contact form on our website or directly by calling the store by phone. We will solve the problem as soon as possible.


PALMADOG.COM reserves the right to reject returns communicated or sent after the deadline, or items that are not in the same conditions in which they were received.